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How to Make a Perfect Wedding Slideshow by Yourself

So you made it, the wedding are finally over and you and your new spouse want to make a slideshow of your big day. But do you really want to pay someone else to do it for you? Making a wedding slideshow yourself is now easier than you would ever believe. And it gives you more quality time to spend together. Acoolsoft PPT to DVD is a handy tool which can help you make professional wedding slideshows from PowerPoint.

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Before making your wedding slideshow, you will need to choose a program. There are many tools you can use, but one tool I will recommend is PowerPoint. As it is easy to use, and it has a step by step guide when you are in the program. Your wedding photos, videos and songs can all be inserted into it.  A wedding slideshow would be easily done with it.


As you may have lots of photographs and videos want to include in your wedding slideshow, one thing to do before you make your wedding slideshow with PowerPoint is to select photographs, video clips, songs and anything else you want to insert to your wedding slideshow. This also works as a great bonding opportunity and allows you to relive all of the moments of your wedding.

After that, directly import the photos, videos and songs into the PowerPoint or use the photo album function of PowerPoint to form your wedding slideshow. For details about how to do it step by step, you can reference: How to Create Digital Photo Album with PowerPoint.

Below are four usefultips that will help making your wedding slideshow more delicate.

Wedding Slideshow

1. Select a proper wedding PowerPoint template – Here are some free wedding PowerPoint templates for you, which can make your wedding slideshow brighter.

2. Choose quality wedding photos - Pictures that look great printed will also look great while scanned. Now it's more and more popular to use digital camera to take wedding photos.

3. Add short wedding video montage clips - Do you have any home videos sitting around gathering dust? Think about adding perhaps a 10-15 second wedding video clip in the middle of the wedding slide show.

4. Give some thought to the wedding slideshow music - Choose music that has meaning to you, music whose lyrics go well with the pictures. Slow romantic songs and Fast dancing songs will have different feeling and drive different emotion. As long as the pace of showing pictures are matching to the music. Here are some popular wedding songs:

Better Together - Jack Johnson

From This Moment - Shania Twain

How Sweet It Is - James Taylor

It Had to Be You - Frank Sinatra (various cover versions available)

I Will - The Beatles

L.O.V.E. - Nat King Cole

Look at Us - Vince Gill

Love Will be Our Home - Susan Ashton

Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban

This Will be an Everlasting Love - Natalie Cole

5. DVD Menu - Creating a DVD menu is not a big task anymore. It will provide you to show your work in a more professional look and including your great pictures in your menu to indicate different episode.

For preserving your wedding slideshow for long-time use or distribute it to your families and friends, you’d better further burn the wedding slideshow you made with PowerPoint onto a DVD. Then only with a DVD, you can view your wedding slideshow on TV via a DVD player. To do this, you can use this PowerPoint to DVD converter – Acoolsoft PPT to DVD. It enables you to burn PowerPoint slideshow to DVD or convert presentations to video.

Use DVD wedding slideshow to record the most beautiful moment in your life. Have a sweet day everyday with your honey.


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