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How to Make a Robust Photo Album for the God of Longevity

--“Last Saturday was my grandma’s 86th birthday. We, a big family gathered together to celebrate at her house and had a very very happy time. The new-born niece brought my grandma lots of fun. We took about 200 pictures. Now I want to distribute them to my grandma and other relatives as a good memory. Are there any effective ways to do this?”

---“It’s my grandpa’s birthday. He is turning seventy-nine this year. I want to get him something very special. Any good ideas?”


Photo Album

Some of us may still be frustrating on elders’ pass away. We fortunate ones who still have them around us, shouldn’t be more grateful? Nothing will be more precious than the whole of the family lives a healthy and happy life. Love elders just like our children. What do you plan to send out to your grandparents or parents on their birthdays? Want something meaningful and permanent? Here is a good idea.


As memory is an important part of our life, but how can we keep it vivid even after we all get old? You may already have some photos of your grandparents or parents, from their baby time to old age. These photos witness the whole life of them. No careful collection of them before. Now you can take advantages of these photos, make a robust photo album with them. And then send it to them as a precious birthday gift. This may become the most particular gift for ever.


Regarding paper ones are easy to go corrupt, digital ones become good choices. Besides, with the development of multi-media, digital photo albums are more and more convenient for sharing. Then, how could we create a digital photo album stunning with least time?


Here is a good idea: make use of the photo album function of PowerPoint. PowerPoint itself merges the function of creating photo albums. Your photos could be imported at a time. It helps you save lots of time. Meanwhile, you can choose to set the layout of all the photos you imported. Plus the powerful editing function of PowerPoint, you can add elements such as background music, transitions, video clips and animation into your photo album. For how to do it step by step, you can reference this article:


After you have finished making the photo album for your grandparents or parents, the next step is to send it to them in a most convenient way as some of them may not be skilled in computer. Considering there are DVD players in many families, if the photo album could be stored in a CD or DVD, nothing would be finer. Also, photo album stored on a DVD disc would be ideal for long-time preserve. For details about how to burn a photo album made with PowerPoint to CD/DVD you can click here, an article which introduces 5 ways to help you record your PowerPoint onto a DVD disc:


Treasure the time being together with the god of longevity, prepare a particular birthday gift for them and leave all the good memories in our mind.


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-- Gerald