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How to Create Digital Scrapbook with PowerPoint

If you are a big preserver of memories like me, you may also want to make scrapbook based on photos. Involved in such a digital era, photos are usually stored in a digital way. So, digital scrapbooks become a new fun to us.


If you're a beginner and you have PowerPoint, you can easily create digital scrapbook based on digital photos and video footages with it.
A family reunion or any other holidays for that matter can be recorded with such a digital scrapbook. Below are the main steps of how to create one with PowerPoint.


1. Choose a Great PowerPoint Template
There are many free templates resources for us to choose. However, it is worth customizing our own PowerPoint template.
You can shot a picture of your house and make it as the background. Here below is a sample screenshot.
PowerPoint to DVD Std - Create Digital Scrapbook
Here are the steps of how to make a PowerPoint template yourself: Open PowerPoint -> View -> Slide Master -> in the center of the first slide, paste the picture you want to set as the main background and adjust the size of it to make it look suitable. Design the inner slides using the same way. After that, click Close Master View.


2. Insert Photos and Easily Edit the Frame of them
Insert photos you want to put onto a slide as the follow: Insert -> Images -> Choose the photo. You can adjust the size of a photo by dragging it. By double clicking it, you can see the Picture Tools options in the tool bar. In it, you can set the picture style and picture shape (frame). There are more than a hundred shapes for you to choose. Compared with other photo editing tools, I think it is the easiest. Here is a sample I made:

PowerPoint to DVD Std - Create Digital Scrapbook


3. Add Video Clips into your Digital Scrapbook
To animate your scrapbook, you can insert any funny or meaningful video clips took at your special event. Do it simply by clicking Insert and then Movies.


4. Add Text
To some pictures, you may want to add your own descriptions. Just Insert a Text Box under the picture, and then input the words you want to say. After that, you can adjust the word font by double clicking on it.


5. Put Decorative Items
You can scan various decorative items and add them to your page using Insert > Picture. Anything you think that is worth adding in can be considered, such as the flowers in the images below:
PowerPoint to DVD Std - Create Digital Scrapbook


6. Bring More Life by Adding Music
With a pleasure music playing through your digital scrapbook, that’s enjoyable. According to the theme of your scrapbook, you can add different kinds of music into it by clicking Insert -> Sound -> Sound from file


7. Share it
You can share the digital scrapbook you made by e-mail it or upload it to your website. Also, you can record it onto a CD/DVD disc for sending to friends and families. For how to burn the digital scrapbook you made with PowerPoint onto a DVD disc, you can use this tool: Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro.


Enjoy this post and enjoy your own projects.


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-- Gerald