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Advantages of Converting PowerPoint to Flash


MS PowerPoint is a popular presentation tool which is easy to handle and user-friendly. You maybe also like to create presentations with it. Nevertheless, for oft, there appear some problems, such as you fail to deliver the slides by e-mail due to the big size of the file; you cannot share your wonderful presentations with others who don’t have PowerPoint installed. At this moment, what can you do? Now there is a brilliant way for you to manage these situations---convert PowerPoint to flash.


What advantages can you get from converting PowerPoint to flash?

  1. 1. Make it possible to send bulk of PowerPoint files through E-mail by converting PowerPoint to flash.

SWF or flash has much smaller file size than PPT. Thus, you don’t need to worry how to email your PowerPoint with big size to others. Once you convert PowerPoint to flash, you can send it freely to whomever you want to.


  1. 2. Share your PowerPoint on web easily and no need to worry about the issue of different PowerPoint versions by converting PowerPoint to flash.

Converting PowerPoint to flash will help you upload the presentation to the sites, which means that you can share your slideshow with millions of people, and friends & relatives without PowerPoint will also see your excellent PowerPoint show.

  1. 3.
    Protect your work by converting PowerPoint to flash.

By converting PowerPoint to flash, you can prevent others from editing your slides. You needn’t worry about the safety about your slideshow.


  1. 4. DIY Flash E-Card within PowerPoint by converting PowerPoint to flash.

As long as you convert PowerPoint to flash, you can enjoy the process to make out your own special cards and share them with others. How cool it is!


  1. 5. Create your unique banner for your website by converting PowerPoint to flash.

Through converting PowerPoint to flash there is no restriction for you to make creative banner for the web according to your own ideas.


Now that there are so many benefits to convert PowerPoint to flash, how can we convert it? Is it difficult to do? Don’t worry! That’s easy to realize. Here are the ways:

  • 1. Convert PowerPoint to flash on presentation sharing website , are good presentation sharing websites. You could upload your presentation to these websites, and then they will convert your presentation to Flash and share it on web. This is an ideal way to share the Flash presentation online, but you cannot download the Flash to your computer and there is limitation on the file size.

  • Convert PowerPoint to flash by Online file conversion


2. is a web application to convert files. It allows you to convert files without downloading a software tool. Users can type in a URL or upload file from their computer, Zamzar then converts the file(s) to specified format. You could upload the presentation you want to convert, select swf format and then input your email address to receive an email with a URL from where you can download the converted file.

However, it has the limitation on the file size and most of the animations in your PowerPoint will disappear.


  • 3. Convert PowerPoint to flash with a third party tool

With a third party converter, it is much easier for you to handle the whole process. It is ok for you to import files with large size. You can put the converted files on your computer and gain a better conversion quality. Now there is a lot of software which can convert PowerPoint to flash. It is easy to find, but which is suitable to you? If you don’t have any idea, I suggest trying Acoolsoft PPT2Flash, the professional software in the field of PowerPoint converters. It is a user-friendly application with nearly all the elements (music, animations, videos, etc.) retained in high quality after conversion.

PowerPoint to flash - PPT to flash


convert PowerPoint to flash


Do you want to share your PowerPoint with others freely? Do you want to break the restriction generated by the different PowerPoint versions? Convert PowerPoint to flash, get more convenience and freedom!



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-- Gerald