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How to convert PowerPoint to FLV

Since the FLV file has become the mainstream video format on the Internet nowadays, many people intend to convert PowerPoint to FLV format for the sake of making their presentation wide spread sharing. Here we will show you the best solution of converting PPT to FLV.

What is FLV?

The FLV file extension indicates a Flash Video file. The Flash Video format is created with Adobe Systems. Flash Video is the standard video format frequently used by nearly all online embedded streaming video websites, such as YouTube and Google Video. Files with the FLV extension must be opened with a media player that supports FLV files. By default, Windows Media Player and QuickTime are not capable of playing FLV files.

Benefits of PowerPoint to FLV converter?

-Sharing PPT on YouTube

YouTube is one of the top 3 traffic sites in the world. It's a good idea to share your PowerPoint presentation with more people by uploading your PowerPoint presentation to YouTube. However, you need to convert your PowerPoint presentation to video formats that YouTube supports like FLV, MP4 and AVI.

-Displaying PPT on website

If you are a webmaster, you may want to spice your website and let visitors know more about it. Here is a solution: making a PowerPoint slideshow with attractive pictures and music, converting the PowerPoint to FLV and inserting the FLV presentation to your webpage. It will definitely display your site in a more vivid way then still words and pictures.


-Viewing PPT on Pocket PC

Some Pocket PC supports FLV format. If you have one, you are able to view your PowerPoint presentation on your Pocket PC by converting your PPT files to FLV with a PowerPoint to FLV converter.


-Sending PPT via Email

Email your presentation by converting PowerPoint to FLV, you can feel free to introduce yourself to someone visually, have an email interview, create e-learning course videos and make your products visible by communicating with your potential customers around the world. What's more, you don't need to worry about the loss of you rich media elements like music or video in your PowerPoint during delivering process.


How to convert PowerPoint to FLV?

You can convert PPT to FLV according to the following steps:

1. Launch the PowerPoint to Video Converter and import the PowerPoint presentations into the program, you can import up to 12 presentations at one time

2. Choose FLV converting output in drop-down menu and customize the video setting including resolution adjust, playback, layout and sound settings.

PowerPoint to FLV

3. Select the output folder and click START button to convert PPT to FLV in minutes.

After converting PowerPoint to FLV with this tool, you can embed the FLV on your website to share your ideas in more flexible ways. Get started to make your own amazing FLV videos by converting your PowerPoint slideshow to FLV!


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