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Three Ways to Convert PowerPoint to Video for Free

PowerPoint is one of the most well-known presentation software but not everyone can watch PowerPoint presentations without PowerPoint program installed on computers. For a universal playable presentation, three types of options to convert PowerPoint to video for free are introduced in the following text. No matter individual or group, college education or company training, business promotion or online entertainment, PowerPoint presentation can be used more widely once you convert them to video.


Here are some notes before getting started:

  • All methods of converting PowerPoint to video require PowerPoint installed.
  • Update your Office to make sure that more PowerPoint formats can be supported (PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPTM, etc.)
  • All tools and programs mentioned in this article are totally free so you can repost, digg or twitter this article freely with all content remained.

1. Free to convert PPT to video with PowerPoint to video converter

convert PPT to video with PowerPoint to video converter
Acoolsoft PPT to Video Free is a free PowerPoint to video converter which allows you to convert PowerPoint to video directly and provides 4 popular output video formats to choose from (WMV, MOV, ASF and MKV). It allows you to customize the video resolution, add logos, set playback time and so on.


It can preserve all elements like animations and transition effects in the original PowerPoint presentation in converted video. With three steps of simple mouse clicks, you can convert PowerPoint presentation to video.

2. Free to convert PPT to video with Web-based service

convert PPT to video with Web-based service

There are some sites which offer users the ability to upload and share PowerPoint presentations publicly. Slideshare is one of the pioneers.

Slideshare allows users to upload their PowerPoint presentations as guests without registration. It takes a few minutes to convert your uploaded file then distributes a chunk of code so you can embed the video as a Slideshare in your blog posts.


That's not the whole story, Slideshare can also allow you to add audio to your PowerPoint after the conversion is finished. This makes your PowerPoint more impressive and vivid. Another thing needs to point out is that Slideshare will be much appreciated if it can remain all animations and transitions in the original presentation well.

3. Free to convert PPT to video with movie making program

convert PPT to video with Windows Movie Maker

Firstly you should save your PowerPoint to JPEG file format, just select "Save as" then drag down the pull-down menu until you find JPEG, choose save "every slide" and you will get a group of pictures ordered in numbers.

Then use a movie making program like Windows Movie Maker to create your slide pictures as video. It's a free application provided in Windows. If you don't know how to use it, go Microsoft resource page to learn in minutes.



Three ways mentioned above to convert PowerPoint presentation to video are rather easy solutions to convert your PPT to video without any cost. You can embed your PowerPoint presentation in blog post, upload it to YouTube for sharing or transfer the video to portable video player. Alternatively you can record video while playing back your PowerPoint slideshow with screen recording software, but it's much more complicated. If you have any idea and suggestions please let us know by leaving comments and sending email.



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-- Gerald