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Small DIY DVD Slideshow, Great Love to Elderly Parents

Time passes so quickly! The Christmas season and New Year holiday has gone away. Your family members must have got great happiness in the reunion, especially for the elderly parents. However, when banquet goes to the end, and dear children return to their busy work or even leave for far places, elder parents probably feel a little depressed and lonely. As their beloved child, what can you do at this moment? You can make a DIY family DVD photo slideshow and DVD daily tip show to let parents know you never stop caring them. DVD is easy to use for elderly people and they also like it. Therefore, why not show your filial piety and care for them through the little DVD?

Make DVD photo slideshow to reveal that you are always together with beloved parents

Aging parents cherish the moments together with family very much. Photos are the real witnesses of these exciting moments. If you can collect these “witnesses” and show them in lively way, your parents must be touched deeply. DVD photo album is the perfect choice. Compared with offering the paper photos, the DVD slideshow is much more vivid and suitable to the elder. You can add your own description to the photos for more personalized show. Apart from making DIY family show, it is more important to burn your photos taken outside to DVD. Parents can know through the images that everything goes well and you have a happy life. You know, parents can’t help knowing whether you are well and appy at any time.

DVD photo slideshow

Burn daily tips to DVD showing your most sincere care for elder parents


Elderly people need to pay more attention in daily life. When you are away from dear parents, the DVD tip show will pass your love and care to them. Of course you can tell parents directly or mail the papers, but you should know that elder people’s memory is not that good and often have difficulties in reading. DVD is the convenient way for them to learn the daily tips. The following are some websites of the elder care tips for you to take as reference.


Have you been clear about what you can do for elderly parents through DVD? It is also easy to make a DIY DVD slideshow with tools like Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint and PowerPoint to DVD converter. Check the two ways to burn images and tips to DVD slideshow:

Another important thing is to edit the interviews and photos. In order to make the video clear and smooth, you need some video editing tools to arrange and decorate them. Remember to keep them simple and natural.


Burn images to DVD with Windows Movie Maker and DVD burner: it is free, but there are fewer animations.

Make photo or tip slideshow with MS PowerPoint and PowerPoint to DVD converter: it is the most direct way and the PPT to DVD burner is quite easy to use.

Both of the DVD photo slideshow and the tips show can bring your love, care and filial piety to elderly parents. In spite of this, I must say that nothing is better than your visit to home from time to time. What aging parents want most is to enjoy the moment together with you. As a result, dear friends, try your best to make time and gather with parents. Enjoy the life!


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