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Tips to Celebrate Wonderful Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is coming! Are you excited to know whether Mr. Groundhog will see its shadow or not on February 2nd? Do you expect the emerging of warm and lifesome spring, especially after this cold winter with heavy blizzard? Then how to spend the Groundhog Day wonderfully and effectively? The following are some suggestions for you.


Groundhog Day Celebration


Days before the event -- Learn the history and customs of Groundhog Day

You must know some traditions about Groundhog Day, but are you sure you have really known it? Can you answer the relating questions instantly and correctly, especially when your little kids or international friends ask you these questions? It will give you a fresh feeling when you know what you thought you had known for years more deeply. Therefore, start to find out the relating historical stories and customs of Groundhog Day. You can consult the elder, and also google it. It is certain that you will find a new world.


It will be much better and meaningful if you can synthesize the knowledge to make a Groundhog Day slideshow with PowerPoint and share it online; thus more people can benefit from your excellent job. As for how to share your Groundhog Day show online, you can directly upload it to slide sharing Websites or convert your slideshow to video with free PowerPoint to video converter and then upload the video to sites like YouTube, Myspace, etc.

Reference websites about Groundhog Day for you:

On Groundhog Day -- Take photos and videos:


Photos and videos are the witness of the big activities. On the Groundhog Day, please be sure to make full use of your camera to keep the happy moment. What is good to record? Ok, check it below:

Groundhog Day rally -- If you go to famous places for the Groundhog Day yourself, remember to catch the precious views for those who fail to present there. Take pictures about people’s reaction when the woodchucks appear. And it is more interesting to take photos of Mr. Groundhog.


Parade and ice engraving -- In Canada, it is exciting to record the Parade of “the Groundhog King and Queen” which is featured with the shows about typical Canada folkloric. Besides, the snow and ice sculpture is a great choice to take photos.


Banquet -- What’s the type of Groundhog cookies this year? Take photos for memorial. The small things can show people’s emotion more effectively.


Apart from what are mentioned above, you certainly can take photos of anything you like. When you take photos, please pay attention to some photography tips for high-quality photos.


See photography tips here:


After you take so many Groundhog Day photos, you can edit them to make the images more wonderful. There are two free online photo editors for you: and


After Groundhog Day -- Exchange ideas and feelings:

Did Mr. Groundhog see its shadow this time? Exchange the feeling with your family, friends or neighbors. If you like, you can make another slideshow in which you are able to add photos, videos taken on the Groundhog Day. It must be a marvelous and fresh show for people to learn and enjoy Groundhog Day next year.

The celebration of Groundhog Day shows people’s wish for light, warmth and happiness. Actually no matter whether the woodchuck saw its shadow or not, this festival brings excitement to people. If Groundhog Day comes, can spring be far behind?


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