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Make a Halloween DVD Movie with PowerPoint

Another Halloween is coming! Are you ready to do something innovative to impress others and entertain yourself? How about sending your friend a surprising Halloween DVD movie made by yourself? Add whatever you want to show in your DVD, breathtaking pictures, scary sound, or anything else. Make a terrifying Halloween DVD movie as a Halloween surprise, and give others a deep impression.


There are several ways to make a terrifying Halloween DVD movie, while here you will be introduced to the easiest one. The tools you need are MS PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to DVD burner. Then the preparation of tools is done. Let’s start to make the breathtaking DVD movie by converting PowerPoint to movie.

halloween dvd movie with powerpoint


Steps to make a Halloween DVD movie with PowerPoint:
1. Choose proper PowerPoint template for your Halloween slideshow
Proper PowerPoint templates offer you suitable backgrounds to strengthen your Halloween theme and intension in the PowerPoint. Here are some free Halloween PowerPoint templates for you.


Besides, you can also customize your own PowerPoint template. Follow the steps: Open PowerPoint > View > Slide Master. In the center of the first slide, paste the picture you want to set as the main background and adjust the size of it to make it look suitable. Design the inner slides in the same way. After that, click Close Master View.


2. Add pictures to your Halloween slideshow
To insert pictures, you just need to click insert > pictures > choose the target photo. You can double click the pictures and then the tool bar will come out. It is convenient for you to reset the pictures’ shape and style with the tools in the bar.

3. Add description or your story to the Halloween slideshow
It will be more interesting to write your special comments beside the pictures, or describe your own Halloween story. The step is also quite easy: choose Insert > Text Box, draw the text table wherever you want in the slide and then input your words.

4. Add video and audio to your Halloween slideshow
To make your slideshow more vivid, it’s cool to add music and video to the Halloween slideshow. Click insert > sound/movie >choose the music/video file. Here comes the detailed tutorial for how to play music across multiple slides in the Halloween slideshow.


5. Add animations to the Halloween slideshow
There are various kinds of animations in PowerPoint; thus add one of them to your content, and the Halloween PowerPoint slideshow will be more vivid and fantastic. You can do this by click the animations tab, and then choose the proper animation.

halloween dvd movie with powerpoint

Now your Halloween slideshow is done. Are your excited? Wait a moment, there is still the last and also the quite critical procedure—burn the Halloween PowerPoint to DVD movie.


6. Burn the Halloween PowerPoint to DVD movie with PowerPoint to DVD burner

In this procedure, the most important thing is to use a suitable PowerPoint to DVD burner. The advanced tool called Acoolsoft PowerPoint to DVD Burner is a good solution for you to burn PowerPoint to DVD with DVD menu. Nearly all the elements in your Halloween PowerPoint will be well retained. This PowerPoint to DVD burner also supports the conversion from PowerPoint to video, which means you can upload the Halloween PowerPoint to video sharing webs such as YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, etc.


Don’t feel vexed about how to surprise others in Halloween! A DIY terrifying Halloween DVD movie with PowerPoint will surprise them to scream. What are you waiting for? Take actions to surprise and impress others with your own DIY Halloween PowerPoint to DVD movie!


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-- Gerald