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Make a DVD Video for 2010 Winter Olympics with PowerPoint

The 2010 Winter Olympics, officially the XXI Olympic Winter Games, was a multi winter sports event which was held on February 12-28, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 82 nations took part in this activity.

Featured sports events are contested on snow or ice, which includes alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, figure skating, bobsledding and ice hockey among others. Other athletic sports have been included to the Winter Olympic Games as they have matured and gained popularity. Such relatively new sports events include luge, short track speed skating, and freestyle.

Since the great event is over now, are there any wonderful moments still linger in your mind? No matter it is for your favorite sport or favorite sport star, do you want to make a DVD video for them and sharing the video on your blog or YouTube with others? Here are some popular points you can consider to make the DVD video:


  • The 10 best moments from Vancouver’s opening ceremony
  • The wonderful aerials freestyle skiing moments at winter Olympics
  • The perfect moments of the closing ceremony
  • The birth of each Olympic champion during each contest
  • The figure skating team of 2010 winter Olympic

Now we take the 10 best moments from Vancouver’s opening ceremony as an example to illustrate how to make a DVD video for it with PowerPoint and free PowerPoint to video converter.

Step1: If you haven’t been to the contest yourself and taken photographs, you can find some free copyright ones on Internet. Collect them onto your computer. If there are some videos available, that would be better.

2010 Winter Olympics

Step2: Open PowerPoint, set a Vancouver Olympic background for it. For details about how to do it, you can view this article: How to Set Background Picture for a PowerPoint File.

Set PowerPoint backgroup

Step3: Import all the pictures and videos you have collected to PowerPoint in sequence. Modify the look of each picture with the picture tool of PowerPoint. You can also add some comment to each picture.

PowerPoint to DVD converter

Step4: Add animations to the objects and set the transition time of each slide. After that, preview the PowerPoint slideshow by pressing F5.

Step5: Convert the PowerPoint presentation to video with free PowerPoint to video converter – Acoolsoft PPT to Video Free after you have finished creating the slideshow. Then, you can play the video presentation through most media players, or upload the video to your blog or video sharing sites for sharing with others. If you also want to make a DVD from the PowerPoint presentation directly, you can use this PowerPoint to DVD converter.

Creating DVD video for the 2010 winter Olympics can be interesting and worthy. If you happened to have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can try making one.


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