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PowerPoint 2007 to DVD - Two Effective Ways for You

"Why should I convert PowerPoint 2007 to video, or burn PowerPoint 2007 to DVD?"

Some people may ask this question. As a matter of fact, it's easier to play the PowerPoint presentation on computer with high quality and good effect. However what if when there is no computer or only a computer without PowerPoint 2007 installed? Under this situation, burning PowerPoint 2007 to DVD video and then playing it on TV with DVD players will be a good choice.

More benefits to save PowerPoint 2007 as DVD

  • Share your slideshows freely without the constraint of PowerPoint version and operating system.
  • Prevent your presentations from modifying by others.
  • Preserve bulk of PowerPoint files on one DVD disc.
  • Keep your slideshows (Such as anniversary slideshow and family reunion slideshow ) for long time preservation.
  • Share your slideshows with others widely by distributing the DVD copies.

There are so many benefits to convert PowerPoint 2007 to video or burn PowerPoint 2007 to DVD, but as we know, PowerPoint 2007 doesn’t have a built-in function to convert itself to video or DVD. How can we solve this problem? Here we tend to show you two effective solutions.


Solution 1 - Convert PowerPoint 2007 to video then burn the converted video to DVD with Burning tools.

Step 1: Convert PowerPoint 2007 to video

There are various ways to do the PowerPoint to video conversion, different methods result in different conversion quality.

1) Windows movie maker. It is totally free for MS Windows users. You just need to save PPT slides as images, and then import the pictures into WMM. Finally you can save your PowerPoint 2007 to video. Yet all the transactions, original animations, videos and audios in the presentation will be eliminated.

2) Convert PowerPoint 2007 to video with online PPT converting platform like,, etc. Each site has its own limitation on the file quantity and size for free users.

3) PowerPoint to video converter. It is the most simple and convenient way to do the conversion job. All the elements in original PowerPoint files can be well retained.

Step 2: Burn the converted video to DVD

After converting PowerPoint 2007 presentation to video, you can burn the output video to DVD disc with DVD burner like NERO, Sony Vegas, or DVD Flick for showing the PowerPoint 2007 on DVD.


Solution 2 - Save PowerPoint as DVD directly with a PowerPoint 2007 to DVD converter

As for me, this way may be the most convenient one. A PowerPoint 2007 to DVD converter can help you directly save your PPT files as DVD format and burn it onto a DVD disc so that you can view slides on TV with a remote.

Step 1: Download and install Acoolsoft PPT to DVD converter . Launch this program and insert a blank DVD disc to your computer.

Step 2: Select "Create Standard DVD from PowerPoint" as the output choice.

Step 3: Import PowerPoint 2007 files to the program for burning to DVD. You can import up to 12 files at one time.

Step 4: Adjust the right TV standard.

Step 5: Create eye-catching DVD menus with built-in templates for your PPT.

PowerPoint 2007 to DVD

Step6: Tick Burn to Disc and click Start to convert PPT 2007 to DVD.

In a few minutes, your PPT 2007 presentations will be automatically burned to DVD with all elements in the original PowerPoint retained.

Converting PowerPoint 2007 to video or burn PowerPoint 2007 to DVD brings us many benefits. You can follow the above instructions to make your own DVD presentation. Enjoy the process and the benefits of transferring your PowerPoint 2007 to DVD video.



"To keep the animation and voice in sync on playback, a technician that I've been working with at Microsoft support mentioned your product [Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro] to me as an alternative. "
-- Gerald