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How to Use PowerPoint for Mobile Learning in Education

With the development of educational technology, mobile learning has already become an integral part of education. It helps teachers improve the efficiency of teaching and helps students raise scores significantly.


More Information about Mobile Learning:

Mobile learning is defined as the provision of education and training on mobile devices like Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), smartphones and mobile phones. It decreases the limitation of learning places with the mobility of portable devices. Mobile learning is engaging and fun, therefore, it is simple to utilize for a more effective and entertaining learning experience.


No matter you are out of the classroom, on a travel, or rest at home, you can learn freely with the help of mobile digital devices like iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry. If you are a teacher who wants to integrate mobile learning into teaching process, what can you do with it?

Make your lectures available on portable devices

In this part, you can see two different ways of presenting your lectures in video. One is to record a video for the whole lecture with a camera or your own mobile phone. The other is to make a video from your courseware made with PowerPoint.

PowerPoint for mobile learning

When choosing the second way, you’d better make sure the presentation is easy to read on a standard computer monitor. If not, it can certainly unreadable when being viewed on a smaller mobile screen. Also, you should take special care of the images, audios, animations, transitions, or movie files in your PowerPoint course, to make sure that they can play properly on mobile devices.


For generating video from PowerPoint to be viewed on iPod, iPhone, Tune, Blackberry or more mobile phones, you can use this free PowerPoint to video converter - Acoolsoft PPT to Video Free. It offers four popular output video formats that are compatible with these devices. Another advantage of this tool is that you can adjust the output video settings like resolution to make your PowerPoint course look clearer when displayed through different portable devices.


Encourage students to participate in providing materials for mobile learning

Not only you, but also your students can enrich the content of mobile learning. Their opinions on one topic, teamwork results, and all other positive aspects can be the sources. Making students involved can get a better interactive effect.


While mobile learning has many advantages, it also owns some disadvantages, like the challenges to the security of Data, difficult in accessing information from the Web, and lack of well-developed skills. But if done properly, mobile learning can also be successful, and bring benefits to both trainers and learners.



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