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PowerPoint in Windows Media Player

Some people may have questions about how to convert PowerPoint presentation to video formats so that they can be played in Windows Media Player. As for me, there are many benefits we can get by converting PPT to video and view them through Windows Media Player. Here I'd like to list them out.

What is Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player (abbreviated WMP) is a proprietary digital media player and media library application developed by Microsoft that is used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile-based devices.

Format supported by WMP?

The default file formats of Windows Media Player 11 are WMV, WMA, AVI, and ASF, but significant omissions include MPEG4 (.mp4) and QuickTime (.qt, .mov). Windows Media Player 12 has built-in support for many popular audio and video formats—including 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, MPEG-4, WMV, and WMA. It also supports most AVI, DivX, MOV and Xvid files.

Benefit of converting PowerPoint to Windows Media Player video

  • • If you want to share your presentation with somebody else, you don't have to worry about his/her computer is with PowerPoint program Installed or not, just view it in Windows Media Player by converting your PPT to video format.
  • • Windows Media Player is bundled with Microsoft Windows system. It's totally free so that anyone can use it.
  • • As we have mentioned that WMP is used in Pocket PC and Windows Mobile-based devices, so we can convert PPT to video for viewing PPT on portable devices.


How to view PowerPoint through Windows Media Player?

Well, with a PowerPoint to Video converter like Acoolsoft PPT to Video, it can be a piece of cake to watch presentation in Windows Media Player. It enables you to convert PowerPoint to video formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, ASF that WMP supports. And it's very convenient and efficient, requiring only a few mouse clicks to create fully featured video with transitions, animations, sound and movies retained.

You can follow the steps below to complete this converting job:

PowerPoint in Windows Media Player

First, open this converter, and then import your PowerPoint to the program.

Next, choose the output video formats and customize the video settings including resolution, playback, layout and sound setting if you need.

Last, click Start, and your PowerPoint will be automatically converted in a few minutes.

That's it! After converting, you can view your PowerPoint presentation in Windows Media Player immediately.


"To keep the animation and voice in sync on playback, a technician that I've been working with at Microsoft support mentioned your product [Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro] to me as an alternative. "
-- Gerald