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Burn PPTX to DVD or CD in Windows 7 for Sharing on TV

Window 7 will be released in the later October, 2009, which must arouse many computer addicts’ interests to use and play. When this new OS is installed, can we still burn PPTX to DVD or CD? Don’t worry about this. You can still burn PPTX to DVD or CD easily as long as you want.

Once we burn PPTX to DVD or CD in windows 7, the PPTX file could be viewed on TV with CD or DVD players. Besides, you needn’t to worry about the PowerPoint version or the platform system differences. The conversion from PPTX to DVD or CD will also support to back up PPTX files with large size and prevent others from editing your PPTX presentations.

There are so many benefits to burn PPTX to DVD or CD, while how to do this conversion from PPTX to DVD and PPTX to CD, especially in windows 7? Please check out below.

Steps for burning PPTX to CD:
1. Prepare a blank CD-R (readable, not writable), a CD burner driver.
2. Choose File > Package for CD. (In 2007, choose Office button>Publish>Package for CD. In 2007, you'll see a message about formats. Click OK)

pptx to cd
3.In the Package for CD dialog box, name the CD, and click Options.
4. Select the Embedded TrueType Fonts check box, and click OK.
5. Click Copy to CD.


However, there are some limitations of package for CD
• Some multimedia objects will not play.
• Some animations will disappear.
• Picture bullets and animated GIF pictures may not work.


Compared with burning PPTX to CD, the conversion quality can be guaranteed more by burning PPTX to DVD. Look at the following ways to burn PPTX to DVD:


Solution 1: Convert PPTX to video, and then burn the video to DVD
For the conversion, there is an article to tell you how to convert PPTX to Video with details. After converting PPTX to video, you can use other video to DVD burner like NERO, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro to edit and burn the output video to DVD.

pptx to dvd

Solution 2: Burn PPTX to DVD directly by PPTX to DVD burner
This is the most direct and easiest way to do the conversion. Just after few clicks, you can instantly burn your PowerPoint presentation to DVD. Certainly, it is critical to choose a suitable PPTX to DVD burner, especially in this new operation system—Windows 7. You can try Acoolsoft PPT to DVD, the professional but easy to use PPTX to DVD burner which can nearly retain all animations (music, video, special effects, etc.) well in Windows 7 and other OS. Learn how to burn PPTX to DVD with Acoolsoft PPT to DVD burner.

Converting PPTX to DVD or CD makes you easily share the PPTX file on TV. There are so many ways to do the conversion from PPTX to DVD and PPTX to CD, even in the new Windows 7. Technology always develops so fast, which offers people more convenience and benefits. Do you want to share your PPTX on TV? Try one of the above ways to burn PPTX to DVD and burn PPTX to CD.


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-- Gerald