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Share Thanksgiving PowerPoint Photo Album to Gain More Happiness

Thanksgiving is the happy time for us to have a good rest and reunite with family and friends. In the festival, you must have taken a lot of photos to reserve the precious flash. Do you want to show the photos of happiness through more ways like TV, Webs, mobile devices, etc for wide sharing? If yes, a solution can come to use - creating a PowerPoint photo album.


The wide sharing of photos is easy to come true with the help of PowerPoint and some PowerPoint converter.


1. Microsoft PowerPoint is easy to use and quite popular. A lot of special effects can be added to make the photo more attractive.

2. Through the conversion from PowerPoint into different file formats, Microsoft PowerPoint can be easily shared on Webs, mobile equipments, TVs, etc.; thus, more people will enjoy your photos in many ways.


To realize the wide sharing, you can take the following steps as reference:

First, you need to make a Thanksgiving Photo Slideshow with PowerPoint. Choose some PowerPoint templates you like and then insert the photos into the slides. If you want, videos and audios can also be added to make the slideshow more effective. PowerPoint also supplies us with various animations in the slide. Therefore, your Thanksgiving photo album can be much more vivid. Here you can read the exact tutorial. Your creative ideas of the slideshow’s design are critical to the attractiveness.


Then the next step is to think about how to share your work with your family and acquaintances. The above passage has shown that you can share the PowerPoint photo album on TV, Webs, Mobile devices, etc. How to realize it specifically? The following part will introduce some details.

PowerPoint Photo Album

1. Share PowerPoint photo album on TV with DVD player by burning PowerPoint presentation to DVD
DVD player is widely available and easy to use, even old mommy and small kid can play the DVD. Thus they can enjoy the precious photos easily if you make photo albums which can be viewed on TV with a DVD player. Also DVD can comparatively store more information. It is also a good way to back up bulk of the photos.

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2. Share PowerPoint photo album on mobile devices and Webs by converting PowerPoint to video
Happiness is always the wonderful thing to share. If you store the photo album in mobile devices such as iPod, iphone, etc., it will be more convenient for you to show your photo to more friends. You can share the happiness with coworkers and friends anywhere as long as you like. What’s more, you can also upload your photo album on Webs, and even embed the photo album in your own blog. Therefore, the photos can be shared with thousands of people.
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Love between family members and friendship between friends are what we cherish in life. And photos are a loyal witness of our love. When seeing them, a lot of colorful memory will come back into our mind. This special Thanksgiving PowerPoint photo album will be a precious gift for memory to each of us. Why not have a try to make your own special Thanksgiving PowerPoint photo album and share it with friends?


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