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Surprise your Honey on Valentine's Day with a Sweet Video Slideshow

As Valentine's Day approaches, what are you going to send to your sweetie? Traditionally, we send flowers, chocolates, jewelries, and cute toys. Want to try something different this year? Then, making a video slideshow to keep all your sweet memories together become a good idea. Gift made by yourself is always precious and meaningful.

Valentine's Day

How to Make a Sweet Video Slideshow

There are many tools you can use to make a video slideshow, like Windows Movie Maker and some charged slideshow makers. Here I would like to introduce a totally free yet impressive way for you to do this if you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. Things you will need: PowerPoint, and free PowerPoint to video converter.

Step1: Start with an outline

Before starting to do the video slideshow with PowerPoint, you need to draw an outline in your mind with what to put into the slideshow, how to arrange things in the slideshow, and what video effect do you want to get from the slideshow. This can help you finish creating your sweet video slideshow quickly.


Step2: Collect materials for the sweet video slideshow

After you have sketched an outline for the video, you need to start to collect all materials that are needed, such as photographs, video clips, background music, and poems. If there are not enough photos of your sweetie and you, you can take the weekend to take some. As for the video clips, they can be the sweet memories you have together. Search valentine songs in Google, and you will get lots of advices for the background music.


Step3: Start to create the video slideshow with PowerPoint

Since all things are ready now, you can make the video slideshow with PowerPoint. First, you can pick up a proper valentine PowerPoint template to emphasize the atmosphere. Then, put all the elements you want to add to PowerPoint in sequence. The words you want to say to your sweetie can also be added. After that, you can modify the visual effect of the things you added, like the photo shape, character font, transition time, and animation of each object. Preview the video slideshow by pressing F5, make any changes if necessary.


Step4: Convert the PowerPoint slideshow to video

The last step of creating your sweet video slideshow is to convert the PowerPoint slideshow you've made to video. Here is a free PowerPoint to video converter which can help you do this easily: Acoolsoft PPT to Video Free. You only need to import the PowerPoint slideshow to this program and select the output video format, and your PowerPoint will be automatically turned to video in a few minutes. Once the conversion is finished, you can upload the video to your own blog, YouTube, or directly send it to your sweetie.

Make a sweet video slideshow to surprise your sweetie on this Valentine's Day. It can be memorable and priceless. Further more, you can make a special Flash E-card to please her, which is also designed with PowerPoint.


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-- Gerald