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How to View PPS Files on iPhone for Business and Education

Since Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the public on January 9, 2007, iPhone has gained great popularity. About 6.4 million people are now using this app in the US. Due to its fashion design and powerful functionality, it is favored by more and more business men and students. Meanwhile, another tool also plays an important role in these people’s life, that is, PowerPoint.

The special usage of PowerPoint in business and education:

  • Meeting presentations are usually made with PowerPoint
  • Most employee training files are created with PowerPoint
  • Teachers use PowerPoint to prepare courseware

In order to prevent unauthorized editing of these PowerPoint files, owners may store these presentations as PPS. PPS is just a different file extension of PowerPoint, which can directly send others to view pattern but not editing pattern. If business men and students can view these useful PPS files on iPhone, that would bring lots of convenience to them.

PPS to iPhone

Benefits of viewing PPS file on iPhone for business men and students:

  • Well prepare for company meetings by viewing PPS on iPhone
  • Learn working skills better by reading PPS training material on iPhone
  • Get high score in school by reviewing PPS courseware on iPhone

So how can we view PPS files on iPhone? Here are two ways:

1. Send the PPS file to your iPhone mailbox. Then you can directly open the PPS file as attachment. But your PPS file will just be viewed as a series of pictures. The animations and transitions can’t be kept.

2. The easiest and most effective way to realize the connection of PPS and iPhone is to convert PPS to iPhone video, and then view the PPS files on iPhone as videos. Use this PPS to iPhone converter, you will find all the procedures are so easy.

First, get this PPS to iPhone converter from Acoolsoft.

Second, launch the program, import PPS files to it, and select the output video format as MP4. Click Config button to set the video resolution as 640 * 480 to get good video quality.

Last, click start, and your PPS file will be converted to an iPhone video (MP4). All the visual elements in the PPS will play the same after the conversion.

Of course, there are some other ways to view PPS files on iPhone, like this one: convert PPS file to PDF, and then view the PPS file on iPhone with a PDF viewer. But that would be complex and lower the visual quality. Hope the methods mentioned here can help you make a wiser choice.


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-- Gerald