PowerPoint in Family

Create Digital Photo Albums with PowerPoint 2007

You may have precious photographs or important business pictures from time to time. A PowerPoint photo album is just a presentation that helps you store and display these photos in a digital way.

Why we want to make photo album with PowerPoint?

1. PowerPoint is available on most computers. You don’t need to buy other software to make a photo album. It is easy and cost-effective to do it with PowerPoint.

2. Show your photos according to the sequence you like, make your memories more beautiful.

3. Besides photos, you can also add effects such as attention-grabbing slide transitions, colorful backgrounds, specific picture layouts and more into your PowerPoint photo album.

4. A photo album that is made in PowerPoint is easy for wide sharing.

Below is the step of how to create an attractive digital photo album with PowerPoint 2007 in 6 steps:

1. Open PowerPoint, on the Insert tab, click the Photo Album button, in the drop-down list,

there is the New Photo Album option.

Insert pictures

Click File/Disc button. Choose pictures you want to include in the album from folders on your hard disc. (Tip: you can import several pictures to the album at a time)

In the photo album dialogue box, you will see the selected pictures in the Picture in Album list. You can view each picture by clicking it. And you can also change the order of a picture by choosing it and clicking the Move Up or Move Down button. Below the preview of the picture, you will be able to see six buttons, which you can use to adjust the rotation, contrast and brightness of each picture.


3. Create album layout

Under Album Layout, by clicking Picture layout arrow, and then in the drop-down list, you can choose the layout format you like. By clicking Frame Shape arrow, in the drop-down list of it you can choose the frame you want to add to your pictures.

4. Create title and subtitle for your album

After you have clicked Create button, on Slide 1, type the title you want for your album in the place of the words of Photo Album. Then if necessary, give your album a subtitle by inputting it in the place of your user name.

Display Slide 2, click the title placeholder, and then type the title for this slide.

5. Edit the photo album

On the Insert tab, click the Photo Album arrow, and then click Edit Photo Album.

In the Edit Photo Album dialog box, under Picture Options, select Captions below All pictures box, and then click Update.


Now you can edit the file name below each picture with a suitable caption.

6. Apply a theme to your album

On the Design tab of PowerPoint, in the Themes area, select a theme that meets the need of your album.

Or you can also customize the look of your album by choosing a theme from your computer.

Now you have finished making your own PowerPoint photo album. Want to e-mail it to your friends or colleague? Want to share it with others? Or you want to keep it for permanent store? Below are a few tips about how to do this.

1. E-mail your photo album to others

Maybe you will find that the photo album is in a huge size due to the mountainous images added in it, and you can’t send it properly via e-mail. In order to reduce the size of it, you can use compressed pictures in your photo album.

How: Open bitmap image with a program that converts images and save the image in one of the following graphic file formats: jpg, gif, tif, wmf. Once your image has been saved under another format, you can reinsert it into your photo album.

Here is an article tells how to reduce the file size of a PowerPoint

2. Share your photo album with others

You can upload your beautiful photo album to some online sharing websites, such as YouTube. Let more people enjoy it or let your friends view your photo album online.

How: Convert your Photo album to a certain format that YouTube accepts. Then upload it with your YouTube account.

Tool: Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter

It helps you easily convert your photo album to WMV, AVI, MOV, and MPEG formats that can be accepted by YouTube. After the conversion, you can directly upload it.

Click here to get the tutorial about how to do it

3. Keep your photo album for permanent store

The photo album you make maybe valuable and meaningful. In order to store it and prevent it from being edited by others, so far the best way I know maybe is to record it on a DVD disc. As we know things stored in a digital way could be easily lost.

How: Use some professional tool to help you burn your photo album to DVD.

Tool: Acoolsoft PPT2DVD

Click here to get the tutorial about how to do it

To view the finished PowerPoint photo album is an enjoyable thing. The process of making it is also interesting. So, when are you going to create your next photo album? Very soon, I presume.

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