How to burn PowerPoint to DVD

PowerPoint is such a powerful tool for presentation, but sometimes we are limited by its requirement; you must have a computer with PowerPoint installed.�
Why not burn PowerPoint to DVD?

Bill�Gates�does not�creat a plug-in� to assist you in burning your PowerPoint presentations to DVD. And there are no freeware utilities that perform a free lunch for you, but there are many commercial packages available that have free trial periods.
Software of this type ranges in price from $40 – $200 for personal licenses, and much more for commercial or multi-user licenses. All of the following packages perform this function, and offer a free trial period.

Software to Burn PowerPoint to DVD
��Wondershare PPT2DVD is a common favorite amongst PowerPoint users. The software supports conversion to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 formats, as well as burning the presentations DVD. A batch utility is provided to convert up to 8 presentations without user interaction. The software retails at $99.95.

��Wondershare DVD Presenter makes a DVD copy for the PowerPoint slides with DVD menus, keeping the exact timings, transitions, sound and movies embedded, all in sync with the presentation. Wondershare DVD Presenter sells for $99.95.

��Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is a professional PowerPoint to DVD conversion tool which helps you easily burn PowerPoint to DVD, or converts PowerPoint to MPEG Video.
With 3-Click simplicity, you can burn PowerPoint to DVD with transitions, animations, sound and movies retained. You can even create flexible DVD Menus for your PowerPoint presentations to play on TV with a DVD remote control. This product released very carefully after it made an improvement based on other products. The software retails at $79.95.
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Burn PowerPoint to DVD, you can get 8 benefits (maybe more then that):
1. No need computer, PowerPoint presentations can be watched on TV sets which can be easily found.��

2. No need to worry the PowerPoint version and platform system differences, PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on any computer with Windows media Player or QuickTime player.

3. Bring PowerPoint presentations from online distribution to offline distribution through DVDs, Which is more stable and trustable to send your PowerPoint presentations.

4. It provided a solution to backup several PowerPoint presentations on one DVD.

5. It is accessible to send huge PowerPoint presentation above 100M.

6. DVDs containing PowerPoint presentations don’t contain the actual presentation, just a movie of the presentation — that means no one can copy your slides and pass them as their own, or even edit them to change a spelling (even if you made a typo).

7. creating your own DVDs from PowerPoint makes you look more professional and impressive then creating a mere PowerPoint presentation.

8. DVDs can be easily played by anyone–even by those old MOM or little child who don’t know how to use a computer.

What’s more, by burning PowerPoint presentations on DVD, you can not only play the presentations with a DVD Player on TV anywhere, but also control the playback just use a DVD remote. This is more acceptable by common users because it coincident to the custom.

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