Make a Thanksgiving DVD Advertisement from PowerPoint to Enhance Your Sales

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Dear sellers, have you already made good preparation to stand out in the fierce Thanksgiving sales competition? There’s no doubt that advertisement is the most popular and efficient way to achieve this. As a seller, especially when you are in small and medium-sized companies, you must want to get the biggest profits through smallest costs. Compared with the advertisements made through the advertising agencies,Thanksgiving DVD advertisement created from PowerPoint seems more economic, and flexible. Here you will be introduced to this efficient and more cost-effective way to advertise – make a Thanksgiving DVD advertisement from PowerPoint.

The two major benefits of DVD advertisement from PowerPoint:

1. Economic. This kind of advertisement is quite easy to make from PowerPoint with the help of some PowerPoint to DVD software. It can be easily played through DVD players or on digital signage. The DVD advertisement helps you save big budget compared with asking video production agencies to do this.

2. Flexible. PowerPoint is easy to handle. You can design the ads freely and change the content conveniently when necessary. Time and efforts can be saved from the extra communication.

dvd thanksgiving ads with powerpoint

The benefits have been shown above, then how to make a DVD advertisement with PowerPoint?

Tools you need: PowerPoint, PowerPoint to DVD software

Please follow the steps:

1. Pick up a proper Thanksgiving PowerPoint template.

The suitable template is a key point to attract consumers’ attention. It can highlight the main content in your ads. You can find the PowerPoint templates on the following Websites: Acoolsoft, Poweredtemplates, and Brainybetty , etc.

2. Add multiple elements like picture, video, audio, animation, etc to your DVD advertisement

The settings in the Insert tab of PowerPoint will help you insert elements freely. Here is the detailed tutorial for you to make a thanksgiving advertisement slideshow.

More thanksgiving objects to decorate your advertisement

Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Thanksgiving Pictures

Thanksgiving Song

3. Burn the Thanksgiving PowerPoint presentation to DVD

Somebody may think it is difficult to burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD. Actually, it is quite easy to do with the PowerPoint to DVD software. Just after a few mouse clicks, the Thanksgiving PowerPoint slideshow can be burned to DVD with nearly all the elements well retained.

To make your DVD advertising from PowerPoint more professional, here are some tips for you:

  • Be clear about the purpose of your advertisement. If you start designing without knowing your purpose, you’ll end up with a confusing message. For example, before black Friday, discount information may be your main subject, so your ads should focus on this. And you need to know which goods among the various kinds of commodities should take more time to display.
  • Do not forget that simplicity is the key to creating good advertising. After exactly deciding on what you want to show, be sure you will make full use of the slides. Don’t fill the slides with crowded letters. Keep this text big enough so that people can see it easily from a few meters away.
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Make sure you will find photographs or pictures that best convey the ideas behind your subject. Pictures always attract people’s eyes. Besides, you can also add some audio to your ads. This must be more effective, because customers can get the information from vision and hearing.

The period before Thanksgiving Day is the golden time for you, dear sellers, to compete with other business men for the profits. Good goods quality and satisfying customer service are effective aspects in the competition, while the powerful publicity is also the key to win. It must bring you more chances to broadcast a Thanksgiving DVD advertisement made with PowerPoint. Take actions, and you will be the winner!

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