Make a Thanksgiving DVD Advertisement from PowerPoint to Enhance Your Sales

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Dear sellers, have you already made good preparation to stand out in the fierce Thanksgiving sales competition? There’s no doubt that advertisement is the most popular and efficient way to achieve this. As a seller, especially when you are in small and medium-sized companies, you must want to get the biggest profits through smallest costs. Compared with the advertisements made through the advertising agencies,Thanksgiving DVD advertisement created from PowerPoint seems more economic, and flexible. Here you will be introduced to this efficient and more cost-effective way to advertise – make a Thanksgiving DVD advertisement from PowerPoint. Read more »

Free Thanksgiving ECards Websites: Send Thanksgiving ECards for Free

Thanksgiving is nearing. Want to send out a nice eCard that will make your friends and family members smile? Would you also like to give a charity some exposure at the same time? Choose from these free online Thanksgiving greeting eCards from these websites I collect for you.

123 – The website has lot of fun musical greeting cards that you can send to family and friends for free.

Americangreetings – The website has eCards for every occasion and every holiday where you can choose free ecards to send to your friends and family. Read more »

Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers: Add Thanksgiving Spirit to Your Computer Screen

Thanksgiving Day is drawing near. Why not get into the spirit of things early by putting Thanksgiving wallpapers on your computer? Thanksgiving wallpapers are a great treat for the eyes during the Thanksgiving holiday. They add color and festive spirit to your computer screen. Whenever you look at your desktop, you get to see warmly wallpaper with lovely colors, designs and text, that feeling cannot be easily described.

Free Thanksgiving wallpaper -Autumn Idyllic

Thanksgiving wallpaper -Autumn Idyllic

Free Thanksgiving wallpaper -Give Thanks Read more »

Create Church Video for Thanksgiving Day with PowerPoint

Thanksgiving Day is coming soon on Nov, 26th. It is a day for expressing thanks to the good in life, especially to family and friends. For many Christians, they may go to the church and express thanks to the God. Prayer of Thanksgiving is very important in any and every Christian’s relationship with God.

Meaning of Thanksgiving

If you are a pastor or a person authorized to conduct religious worship in church, and happened to be the person who is appointed for making the arrangement of the Thanksgiving prayer, an announcement DVD/video or one to accompany the prayer will help you solve lots of trouble. Here are some main benefits of exhibiting such DVD/videos: Read more »

How to Share your PowerPoint Presentations in Multiple Ways

Many of us make PowerPoint presentations, no matter it is for family use, business use or education use. But not lots of us know that there are multiple ways to share PowerPoint presentations. The most common way to send presentations to others may through email or put it on a server somewhere for access. You may also package your presentation to CD for the members using PowerPoint viewer only.
But what if you want to

  • Run a looping presentation on a kiosk or at a tradeshow where PC is not available
  • Send the presentation to people who may not have PCs
  • Burn the presentation onto a DVD disc for distribution
  • Et cetera…? Read more »