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Someone asked me about how to burn PPS to DVD or convert PPS(PowerPoint) files to MPEG video that can be burned to DVD!

A PPS is just a PPT file with a different file extension that tells PowerPoint “Open me directly into slide show view, not editing view.” You can “convert” from one to the other simply by renaming the files. You need the same software to view either one.

Here are some questions and solutions, hope it can help you:
Is there anyone here that can help me? I’m trying to take a slide show I created for and burn it to a DVD that will then play in a DVD player (I have pictures and music both embedded in the .pps)

A:If what you want to do is just a data back up, and you don’t need to play your PowerPoint with a DVD player, common burning software is enough and No matter it is a CD or DVD. DVD disc have more space compare to CD.
If you want to watch PowerPoint on TV with a DVD player, here some aspects you need to pay attention to:
PowerPoint does not have the built-in ability to save presentations as video files or other video formats such as DVD-Video and, even if it did, there would be significant loss of interactivity (because DVD-Video and PowerPoint slide show have very different capabilities in this area) and loss of visual fidelity (DVD-Video resolution is less than typical computer display resolution and most television will not render colors the same way that a computer display will).

The only way to burn pps to DVD is to get specific PowerPoint to DVD software.

the other option is to use Windows Movie Maker but you would have to start from scratch and insert all the pictures onto it. I believe Windows XP and Windows Vista came with this free software so you probably have it. You click on Import Media and select the pictures you want (press Ctrl to select individual pictures). You can then use the Auto Movie button to add credits, music and transitions to your movie. Then burn it to DVD.

Q:I’m hoping to help a friend, who has to give a presentation, to convert a Powerpoint (.pps) file to either an MPEG file or, if possible, directly to a DVD format file. I downloaded a “Trial Version” of “Presentersoft PowerVideoMaker” and successfully converted the PPS file into MPEG format, which I then created a DVD with using my “Movie Factory” software. Unfortunately, both the MPEG file and the resultant DVD had a flashing notice on the bottom right corner of the video that it was “created with an unlicensed version of PowerVideoMaker”. Since this will most likely be the only time that I will ever need to convert a PPS file, it really doesn’t make sense for me to spend $ 125 CAD to buy the licensed version of PowerVideoMaker. So my question is this: Is anyone aware of any freeware available to convert PPS files to either MPEG’s, AVI’s or directly to DVD format?
A:There is no such thing as a free lunch if you want to get a better result! A trial program is much better.
and I must say I’ve never been that impressed with the results of any of the capture software I’ve tried, I can’t say I’m that surprised, bearing in mind what must be the CPU load when both displaying PowerPoint and capturing a full screen. Even with a beast of a machine (Dual 2Ghz Athlon, 2Gb RAM, RAID array, 128Mb VGA) running at 800×600 and with all the performance boosting suggestions I’ve only ever achieved an unsatisfactory frame rate of approx 15fps. I can only increase the frame rate by reducing the resolution. Both options, in my opinion, are unsatisfactory when you consider that the media is DVD and capable of much more…
Am I missing something? I’ve used 3 methods to create DVDs that I’ve found more satisfactory than my screen capture results:
1) connecting the S-video out from a laptop to a domestic DVD recorder (i.e. one that records DVDs like a VCR). The DVD can then be taken to the PC, ripped and authored as desired.
2) Same process but capturing the video on another PC through an MPEG2 capture device, such as the the Win-TV PVR. I’m not 100% happy with these processes either, as it involves conversion to analogue video and back to digital, but the results have been far superior to my efforts with capture software.
3) Use
Acoolsoft PPT2DVD and burn PowerPoint(PPS) to DVD directly, great and easy way buy you have to pay for this program, anyway, it’s worth the money if you want to get a wow presentaion on TV with a DVD disc.

Enjoy your time and presentation!

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