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PowerPoint Courseware as Mobile Learning

"This is one of a planned sequence of computing tutorial, made with a PowerPoint presentation and transformed to a video that can be seen on an iPhone." --- Gaia

"We use podcasting as part of our distance education strategy. We have found that producing quality podcasts that can be viewed on an iPod, or computer is very easy with this product." --- Dan Janal

In coming years, information technologies are more advanced and sophisticated than we thought, learning is no longer limited in the classroom. Most popular devices can be used for learning, such as iPod, iPhone and Pocket PC.

Courseware are often made with PowerPoint, how to make the most use of these PowerPoint courseware and learn no matter wherever you are. If these PowerPoint courseware could be connected with these portable devices, that would be fine.


To do this, all you need is a PowerPoint converter that can help you upload your PowerPoint to these portable devices. This is just what our PPT to Video Pro can do for you.




"To keep the animation and voice in sync on playback, a technician that I've been working with at Microsoft support mentioned your product [Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro] to me as an alternative. "
-- Gerald