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Everyone has the opportunity to join our affiliate program to earn up to 50% of each sale by selling our products.



How to join the affiliate program?


Just follow below two steps:

1. Register an affiliate ID in http://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=16561

2. Get your specific affiliate program URL or Custom build


How to get your specific affiliate program URL

Below is the URL format for your reference:

PPT to DVD Pro: http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=16561-1&affiliate=youraffiliateID


How to get custom agent version

Input your RegNow affiliate ID in the below form, select the product, then click "Download My Custom Builder Now!" button to get your unique RegNow custom build.


Enter Your Regnow Affiliate ID:

Select a Product you want to get:

Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro
Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Lite
Acoolsoft PPT to Video Pro


For your convenience and for those short on time, here are PAD files for all our products!

Regnow ID
PAD File
PPT to DVD Pro
50% / $39.97
PPT to DVD Lite
50% / $29.97
PPT to Video Pro
50% / $24.97


If you have any questions, please be free to contact affiliate#acoolsoft.com(replace # with @)



Who are the most suitable people to join the affiliate program?

Webmasters who have a website are the most suitable people to join the affiliate program. Just put a link on your site can earn money for you

Teachers always use PowerPoint for presentation. The PPT to DVD Pro and PPT to Video Pro tool can help them a lot

Any person who wants to put your PowerPoint on TV can join our affiliate program and share with your friends


Why affiliate Wondershare products?

  • Earn up to 50% of each sale: Example:for PPT to DVD Pro, earn $39.97 for each sale
  • Zero venture:The customer service we provided is professional and comprehensive. We take all responsibility of our products.
  • No minimum quantity limit : You can recommend the helpful products to your friends who really need them when chatting , playing , eating , or other common environments. There is no limit!
  • The most world famous and secure regnow platform can give you 100% reassurance of your commission.

It is really a part-time job which can help your friends and customers.

It is really a method to save money after purchasing our products .

It is really a gold way which can help you make more and more money anytime anywhere.



Top benefits to affiliate


1. 100% guaranteed payouts

We partnered with RegNow, the global provider of trusted e-payment systems for affiliates. You can be 100% sure to get money from your sales tracked.


2. 100% tracked custom build

We just brought out the robust and awesome affiliate engine which will automatically create a unique trial product for each affiliate to download, your affiliate ID will be embedded in the program, thus ensure 100% of the leads drove by the affiliate will be recorded.


3. Up to 50% commission

Earn 50% commission for every sale through your affiliate link. Join us and start making money!


4. Best service

All our products provide online technical support, we also glad to provide rich materials to help you promote our products, like Promotion Description, Banner, User Guide, Review and any other things you need.