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Hot New Features of PowerPoint 2010 - PowerPoint 2010 to Video

Microsoft plans to release its Office 2010 software suite in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, making it the first Office suite to support both versions. As its name suggests, both versions will be available sometime next year. So, what surprise PowerPoint 2010 will bring to us?


To summarize, PowerPoint 2010 can help us make presentations more dynamic with improved audio and visual capabilities. In addition to this, we can effectively use web applications to make our work available anywhere, and work with other people on the same presentation much easier. Now let’s have a quick look on it clearly.


  1. 1. New Animation Tools in PowerPoint 2010

New Animation tools, including an animation painter to copy animation from one object to another and also more animation designs.
PowerPoint 2010 preview


 2. New 3D transitions make livening up a presentation easier in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 preview


  1. 3. Directly insert videos from your file in PowerPoint 2010

You can now directly insert a video from your file to your presentation. Just click Insert, and then Video. Finally click Video from file…
PowerPoint 2010 preview


Also, editing video is much easier in PowerPoint 2010. You can trim video clips within PowerPoint and add effects such as reflection or color washes.
PowerPoint 2010 preview


Here is an example:
This picture shows the way that the video displays before editing
insert video to PowerPoint 2010


This picture shows the way that the video displays after editing
insert video to PowerPoint 2010

  1. 4. Directly insert videos from online video sites such as YouTube, MySpace in PowerPoint 2010

Here are the steps of how to do it in PowerPoint 2010

  1. Click Insert, and then select Video from Online Video Site…
  2. Copy and paste the embed HTML into the box that pops up
  3. Click Insert button, and then the video will be added to the presentation. Make sure your computer is connected with the Internet when show the presentation
  1. 5. Create Video from PowerPoint 2010

You can convert your PowerPoint 2010 to WMV video files directly in your presentation. Click Back button, and then Share. Finally click Create a Video.
After you convert your PowerPoint 2010 to video files, you can share it online with others. Also, you can load the video to your smart phones for reviewing.
PowerPoint 2010 to video

With these new features, I believe PowerPoint 2010 will become a perfect tool for presenting our ideas, especially with the features of inserting video and creating video. So, let’s expect the release of it.


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-- Gerald