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How to Burn PowerPoint 2010 to DVD

Microsoft PowerPoint is the leading presentation tool in the world. From it people can see the efforts Microsoft has made. Then recently, Microsoft has made an important announcement that they will release PowerPoint 2010, the latest version of PowerPoint, next year.


PowerPoint 2010 has many new powerful features, such as adding more animation and transition ways, directly inserting video in PPT, especially the function of converting PowerPoint 2010 to video directly. Thus, you can upload your PowerPoint presentation to website like YouTube, Myspace, etc. easily and share your slides widely. However, you still need a computer to display it. What can you do when you want to share your presentation with your friends or relatives but they don’t have a computer? At this moment, DVD can be taken to use, which means you can burn your PowerPoint 2010 to DVD.


What benefits can you get to burn PowerPoint 2010 to DVD? That means:

  • You can put your computer aside and watch PowerPoint 2010 presentations on TV through DVD players.
  • No matter which PowerPoint version or platform system you use, PPT presentations can be viewed on any computer with Windows media Player or QuickTime player.
  • It also provides a solution to backup several PowerPoint 2010 presentations on one DVD and to send huge PowerPoint presentation above 100M.
  • Burning PowerPoint 2010 to DVD, no one can copy or edit them, even a spelling (even if you made a typo).
  • More people can manipulate the slides. DVDs can be easily played by anyone--even by those old MOM or little child who doesn’t know how to use a computer.
  • By burning PowerPoint 2010 to DVD, you can not only play PowerPoint 2010 on TV anywhere, but also control the playback just using a DVD remote. This is more acceptable by common users because it coincident to the custom.


    There are so many benefits to burn PowerPoint 2010 to DVD, then how can you do this? Here come two ways.

    1. As mentioned above, PowerPoint 2010 can create a video itself. To do this, please follow the steps:
    Step 1: Open your presentation that you just create by PowerPoint 2010
    Step 2: Click Office Button, and then choose Share option
    Step 3: Click Create a video under File Types of Share option
    Step 4: Click Create Video button


    Create Video in PowerPoint 2010


    Then a WMV video comes out. You can burn this video to DVD with the third party burning tools, such as Nero, Adobe premiere, WonderShare Video to DVD Burner, etc.


    2. You can use a tool to burn PowerPoint 2010 to DVD directly. PowerPoint 2010 has the function of creating video, but you need to convert the PowerPoint twice (PPT to video, video to DVD). The whole process seems more complex, while a professional PowerPoint 2010 to DVD converter is more user-friendly. There are lots of tools to burn PPT 2010 to DVD. If you’re not sure which one to choose, Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro is a good choice.

    After you create a PowerPoint 2010 presentation, you just need to import it to the PowerPoint 2010 to DVD converter, and everything will be done within a short time.


    Burning PowerPoint 2010 to DVD makes it easier and safer to share your presentation. The whole process is so easy, and you can follow the instructions above to enjoy your presentation.

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    "To keep the animation and voice in sync on playback, a technician that I've been working with at Microsoft support mentioned your product [Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro] to me as an alternative. "
    -- Gerald