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PowerPoint 2010 to Flash

In my last two posts, I gave a short preview of PowerPoint 2010, and also how to convert PowerPoint 2010 to Video and PowerPoint 2010 to DVD. In this article, I will bring out a new idea, that is, convert PowerPoint 2010 to flash movie. Maybe you will ask why convert PowerPoint 2010 to flash.

PPT 2010 to Flash

Here I’d like list some main benefits here

  • PowerPoint 2010 to flash – flash are small in size
  • Flash files are highly compressed and therefore, it is the preferred streaming media for the Internet, or for file distribution. When converting PowerPoint to flash, PowerPoint presentations can be easily shared online through email and websites. If you need to deliver your PowerPoint 2010 presentations through removable media like CD - Roms, etc. A PowerPoint presentation, when converted to flash, is only up to a tenth of the PPT file size.


  • PowerPoint 2010 to flash – flash is widely compatible
  • SWF or Flash files are compatible with most operating systems and most devices, including handheld devices. You do not need to worry about the compatibility of your PowerPoint. No matter it is PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Convert your PowerPoint 2010 to flash, and you can share and review your PowerPoint presentations in most available ways.


  • PowerPoint 2010 to flash – flash files are accessible
  • Most browsers have the flash plugin installed, which makes it easier to play the converted PowerPoint presentations. Additional software is not required. Convert PowerPoint 2010 to flash enables you to view your presentation with browsers conveniently.

  • PowerPoint 2010 to flash – SWF is resolution friendly
  • Flash files are friendly with any size or display resolution. This makes them easy to handle across various device display size. No matter you want to view the converted PowerPoint on iPod, iPhone or Pocket PC.

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    -- Gerald