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Share Your PowerPoint Presentation on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most well-known video services on the Internet which lets anyone share videos online. It uses Flash and a simple video player that starts playing videos right away.

YouTube has paved the way for a variety of other services and has evolved its own services with new features such as user profiles, video rankings, and a system that lets anyone reply to a video either with text or a video.

Some people must be wondering about how to upload PowerPoint to YouTube, however, there are some common questions too. And this article will tell you how to solve these problems.

Why I failed to upload PowerPoint to YouTube?

You should know that Microsoft PowerPoint file is not a video file. Actually it is just playable with PowerPoint or PowerPoint player. is designed to host and share videos only. Other types of media including music (MP3s, etc.), pictures (JPEGs, etc.), and flash files that don't contain a video stream can't be processed by their system. Converting PowerPoint to video with professional software like Free Acoolsoft PPT2YouTube will save you a lot of time.

What's the best format to upload for high quality?

This is what you need to pay special attention to.
The help center of YouTube gives us a suggestion:

  • • MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format
    • 640×480 resolution (* most updated recommendation)
    • MP3 audio
    • 30 frames per second

Resizing video to these specifications before uploading will help videos look better on YouTube.

Video accepted by YouTube is better less than 10 minutes, smaller than 100MB.

The best result we want is high quality with the lowest size, so that you can upload to YouTube easily, then others can view your PowerPoint on YouTube fluently. In PPT to Video Pro, we use the following settings for publishing video for YouTube:


    • • MPEG-4 format
    • • 640x480 resolution
    • • MP3 encoder
    • • 30 frames per second
    • • 512 kbps bite rate



  • • 44100HZ sample rate
  • • 2 Channels stereo
  • • 96 kbps bit rate
  • • MPEG4 encoder

Ok, these data look a little complicated for our customers who just want to upload PowerPoint to YouTube. With Free Acoolsoft PPT2YouTube, you don’t need to set these specifications yourself; the software has made it as default.
What you need to do is preparing a wonderful PowerPoint presentation and import to this software. Leave the rest to it and all things will be done perfectly.

Can I download a YouTube video and embed it into PowerPoint?

For this question you can view another article “How to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint

Samples on PowerPoint to YouTube:


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