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Benefits of Converting PowerPoint to Video Formats

What video formats we are talking about?

A Video refers to recording, manipulating, and displaying moving images, especially in a format that can be presented on a television.
Video formats are confusing because most video files have at least two different types: the container and the codec used inside that container. I'll list some common video formats that we often used:

AVI (.avi): Most commonly contains M-JPEG (especially from digital cameras) or DivX (for whole movies), but can contain nearly any formats (not Sorenson).  Sometimes you'll see a reference to the "fourcc": this is a four-character code (such as "divx" or "mpeg") inside the AVI container which specifies the video codec is being used.

QuickTime(MOV): Most often used for the locked Apple Sorenson codec, or for Cinepak (free), but can also hold other codes such as mjpeg, etc.

WMV (.wmv): More or less MPEG4; can contain nearly any codec, including several Microsoft spinoffs of MPEG-4 which vary in their freedom and licensing requirements.

ASF ("Advanced Streaming Format", .asf): a subset of wmv, intended primarily for streaming: an early Microsoft implementation of an MPEG4 codec.

MPEG ("Moving Pictures Expert Group"): three video formats, MPEG 1, 2, and 4.

MPEG-1: Old, supported by everything (at least up to 352x240), reasonably efficient, most used in VCD.

MPEG-2: A souped-up version of MPEG-1, with better compression.  720x480. Used in HDTV, DVD, and SVCD.

MPEG-4: A family of codecs, some of which are open, others Microsoft proprietary.  A good format for the web.

MPEG spinoffs: mp3 (for music) and VideoCD.


Why we need to convert PowerPoint to Video?

We suddenly find out that a number of people in the world are converting PowerPoint to video, why? Well, what is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. There are must be some advantages to do so.


First of all, you know that PowerPoint can only be played on PC with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, and sometimes it must be the right PowerPoint version with right operating system, if any of them has problem, your PowerPoint presentation plan can become a deadlock, but if you convert PowerPoint to video formats, you don't need to worry about it, since video formats can be played on any PC or Mac system. Where video is played means your PowerPoint can be shown.


The next thing is many gadgets like iPod, iPhone, Zune support some certain video formats; you can import the converted PowerPoint video presentation and then view your PowerPoint presentation on them. Some famous websites like YouTube are support video upload, which gives you a way to share your PowerPoint presentation with others!


Besides, if you want to protect your PowerPoint from editting, you can convert them to video and sent to others, what they can do is just watching!

I only list some of the advantages, I think there should be more, explore yourself, if you have any good ideas, we hope you can write to us master#acoolsoft.com(replace # with @).


How to convert PowerPoint to video formats that we need?

Here is just an example:
A number of people asked if it's possible to display presentations via apple TV, the answer is yes, in fact, there are two ways to make Apple TV as a presentation tool.

As we all know: Apple built the device to stream movies and iTunes content, not display PowerPoint or Keynote slides. If we want to make such a thing is possible, the first way can be found on the website is export PowerPoint slides as images and create a new album in photo folder, then import the folder of images into new album, Finally we use iTunes to sync the new album so that we can displaying presentation via Apple TV. But you may notice that voice-over, music, transitions and animations are lost. That makes the presentations a dull thing!


We will not talk about the many easy, well-known methods, most people can figure out how to do this. The $49.95 product called Acoosoft PPT to Video Pro, lets you easily create, edit, convert your PowerPoint presentations to certain video formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, ASF, FLV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2. Ideal for trade show, digital signature, in-store displays and ready for video broadcast. But it is a pity that this product only supports MS PowerPoint, but it does not matter, because keynotes can export to FLV format itself. So if you want to display PowerPoint presentations via Apple TV, you can use this product to convert your presentations to MPEG-4 or FLV video format (MPEG-4 is the best), since movies can be streamed, you can stream your presentation to any Apple TV.


The advantage to the approach is that it's nearly kept all the exact timings, transitions, sounds and movies, all in sync with the presentations. You can explore more features by downloading a demo.


The product has 30 days free trial limitation, so you needn't to pay for that only after you think it's really fit for you!
There is no functional limitation in the trial version, but a watermark will be attached to the output files. The trial version cannot be registered, only full version requires the registration information, which is listed in the confirmation letter that you will receive when you have finished the payment.

convert PowerPoint to video

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"I did transfer the PPT to Video. I also did the same for a Trans-Canada Rail Journey; a Yangtzee River Cruise to China; and a Nile River Cruise to Egypt. And it has been shared far and wide with family and friends. "
-- Merris