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How to view PowerPoint on TV?

Microsoft is a powerful tool for making presentations, but sometimes we are limited by its requirement: we must have a PowerPoint installed computer. Sometimes we want to send our presentations like photo presentations to friends or families to share with them, but due to different operating system or different PowerPoint version, they may cannot view the presentations, that's really a disappointing thing. All things seem to be under Microsoft's dominion, is there anything we can do? Why not watch your PowerPoint on TV? Sounds great! I believe many people have already done this interesting and useful thing, here I'm glad to share experience with you about how to view PowerPoint on TV.

Free way

The free way is to connect your TV to the computer, then use your computer to control the PowerPoint presentation. There is a vast difference between the technologies of a computer monitor and a TV monitor, you can connect your PC to TV, and watch your PowerPoint on TV screen, but this job is not that easy!
Unlike computer monitors, TV monitors are interlaced which has the effect of making thin lines and text shimmer. TV monitors generally (apart from broadcast spec) don't show the full image, so you may lose stuff at the edge of the screen (thus further reducing the amount of available resolution). Some graphics cards do compensate for this by squeezing the image into a window inside the video output - the only way you'll know is to test it.
This method depends on the output from your video card...if you have component video out, you can use that kind of cable, if you have a s-video out from the card and s-video input on your TV you can use that, otherwise you would need a convert from Radio Shack to connect to the TV. As I know, some laptops come with an S-video port, and if your TV or VCR has an S-video input then just use an S-video cable. Otherwise you'll need a cheap scalar/converter to take the VGA signal and turn it into a signal the TV/VCR can accept, most likely over a composite (RCA) or RF (like what your TV cable comes in on). In my opinion, this way costs a lot of time, and the result is not as what we expect!

View PowerPoint on TV with DVD player

That's what we suggest, burn your PowerPoint to DVD and then watch PowerPoint on TV with a DVD remote control, all you need to make sure is the software has the function of customizing DVD menus, and it's burning process is stable. Anyway, DVD player is cheap, and it's convenient for distribution after burning PowerPoint to DVD, you can send them to your friends without worrying about if they have the right Operating System or PowerPoint program installed, even whether they have a PC. Another good benefits is that you can protect your PowerPoint from unauthorized editing, you can read another article “Advantages of burning PowerPoint to DVD “to know more about it.

Ok, let's use Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro to take a tour and see how to burn PowerPoint to DVD

Start the Program and import files (Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro support Batch Conversion)

PowerPoint to DVD - PPT to DVD

You must clear that this Program is going step by step, you just need to click Next and make sure everyzthing is what you want, if not, then set it , we give you the power to change it !
PowerPoint to DVD - PPT to DVD

Click next and then you can set DVD Menus for your presentations, that's really depend on your creativity!
PowerPoint to DVD - PPT to DVD

Is everything under your control?
PowerPoint to DVD - PPT to DVD

Yes, make sure everything is OK, then click Next and leave the rest job to Acoolsoft, now you can view PowerPoint on TV with ease!

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"To keep the animation and voice in sync on playback, a technician that I've been working with at Microsoft support mentioned your product [Acoolsoft PPT to DVD Pro] to me as an alternative. "
-- Gerald