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How to view PowerPoint on Zune?

Put PowerPoint on Zune

Zune is the name of a brand of digital music products and services sold by Microsoft. It includes a digital audio player and client software incorporating an online music store. The device plays music, pictures, and videos, displays images, receives FM radio, and on a limited basis shares files wirelessly with other Zunes and via USB with Xbox 360s.


The Zune Software allows users to manage files on the player, to rip audio CDs, and to buy songs at the online Zune Marketplace. Zune was released in the United States on November 14, 2006 and is compatible with Microsoft Windows and the Xbox 360.


How to view PowerPoint on Zune?

Because Zune supports WMV video format, you can use Acoolsoft PPT to Video Pro to convert your PowerPoint presentations to WMV, then import the converted video to Zune. Then you can watch your PowerPoint Presentations on your Zune.

PowerPoint on zune


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